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Unska 3, Zagreb, Croatia




September 24 - October 17, 2003

Ante Zivkovic Fosar
Was born in Trebizat, his childhood spent on Neretva river delta. Elementary education he got in Opuzen, and completed highschool in Ploce and Zagreb. Studied at the University of education - defectology and got a master degree in medical science in Zagreb.

His first artistic works were created during his elementary schooling on the influence of his art professor Branko Kljuce. In 1980 he integrated very intensively in visual art life. Leader and organizer of many visual arts colonies in Zagreb, Cernik, Gorica, Zelina, Garesnica and Kijevo. 

He is one of organizers of the international visual arts colonies such as visual art colony "Libera" in Italy. For four years he was the director of Croatian visual arts association, and for now he is the secretary of Croatian visual arts association and culture. Visual art education he has perfected with very known academic sculptor Zlatko Cular.

He is working at the Center for rehabilitation in Zagreb as leader of a branch in Paunovac.

His main preoccupation is promotion of the visual art culture of the handicapped persons.

Trg Stjepana Radića 9
10410 Velika Gorica, Croatia
Tel.: (+385 1) 625-2809
Tel.: (+385 98) 951-1291
Address of atelier:
Vrbnik 37
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel.: (+385 1) 619-8222


1982. Gallery Narodno sveuciliste Slunj
1985. Gallery "Nikola Tesla" Zagreb
1986. Gallery "TOP" Karlovac
1987. Gallery Slavija Loyd Zagreb
1987. Gallery Jamnica Jamnička Kiselica 
1990. Bistro Gallery "Faust" Zagreb 
1991. Restoran Gallery "Barba Niko" Velika Gorica 
1992. Gallery Martin Dugo Selo
1993. Gallery Bistro "Gaj" Zagreb 
1995. Gallery Galeznica Velika Gorica 
1997. Bistro Gallery Hyperion Velika Gorica 
1997. Gallery "Zagsted"Zagreb
1998. Gallery Croatia osiguranje Daruvar 
1998. Gallery Kordic Velika Gorica 
1998. Gallery Opuzen Opuzen
2000. Gallery grada Opuzena Opuzen
2001. Muzej Siroki Brijeg Franjevacka gallery
2001. Gallery "Ranjina" Dubrovnik

1993. Missano Rimini Censsinatio, Italien
1998. Galerie "Bethezda", Washington, USA
1998. Galerie "Records", Washington, USA
1999. Senat Ceske Republiky Praha, Galerie Ricany Praha, Muzeum Rzkovnik, Tschechien
1999. Galerie "Forum", Baden, Schweiz
1999. Galerie "Aura", Hamburg, Deutschland
2003. Gallery "Mediteraneo", London, UK

Ante Zivkovic Fosar, in the dialogue of factual expression of the segment of reality and its reflection, builds the picture with chromatic tensions which can be read not only by its artistic reasonableness but also by its substantial layer enhanced by the mentioned dialogue. Diversity of materials, that is the diversity between real and mutability of expression, strictness of touchable and its illusion in the glimmer of different palpability. The chosen theme is pretty logical because the sails on the sea play the game in which the tangibility of the artistic is reactivated by transformation. It is a kind of approaching abstraction since the colour acquires its autonomy over materialistic, although the motif is still guessed, that is, noticed both with the organisation and inner order. Zivkovic continuously reconsiders the origin and artistic echo by forming artistic horizon, with forms under and over, more or less marked limits, changing the intensity of chromatic values, thickness of coloristic field in which the brilliancy depends on the selection in the richness of palette and the wholeness of artistic scene because each segment is included in the happening of the unity. Contours of and their mutual blending, definitions and signs are interchanging in rhythmic stringing o the parts of painting giving it the charm of artistic pulsation. However, the colour is the mayor formal element of Zivkovic's painting, the colour bred in all parts of the surface, brought by recognizable dynamic gesture. Lines are compatible with the tension of composition, conquered freedom of building, derived from clear painting concept. Zivkovic is imaginative in the variations of theme, able to reach the peculiar form of artistic excitement in the relative imposition.
Prof. Stanko Spoljaric


The translation at an English
Franjo Bebek

Mario Hlača
Ivan Butković

SWAN d.o.o., Samobor
Offset MARKULIN, Lukavec

ISBN 953-184-057-1

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